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The Department of Labor is BUSY with cracking down on employers that classify workers as contractors instead of employees and gearing up for the changes of the overtime exemption rule.  See their new "Misclassification Guidance" and read attorney opinions on this new guide.  There is also a great resource for contractors on preparing for the changes of the overtime exemption rule.  See Sierra Vista's major code change summary and more!

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August 2015
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In my day-to-day routine, I try and learn as much as possible from what others say and do. When I sat down to write this month’s article, I thought it might be better if I shared this little bit of wisdom.  read more

OSHA has partnered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service to prevent heat-related deaths and illnesses.  read more 

72 accumulated complaints lead to license revocation for Camelback Pools (Paddock) & RIG Construction (Cameo)
read more

Resources to view updates on pending court cases and ROC Violations are a click away.  read more

Wildlife Guzzlers…
.have you heard of them? They sound like a two-can party hat worn by the frat boys in “Animal House” but they are not.  read more

The ADOSH Advocate is a quarterly newsletter that provides information on safety and health issues specific to Arizona along with training schedules.  read more

Contractors: Prepare for Changes to Overtime Exemption Rules.  read more

Contractor in Heaven read more

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Department of Labor’s new Misclassification Guidance says most workers qualify as Employees

The DOL’s crackdown on misclassification of workers has been on the forefront for the last five years.  In July 2013, the DOL confirmed its commitment to this initiative, characterizing employee misclassification as "workplace fraud." This is because misclassification of workers hampers tax compliance and improperly, in the agency’s view, denies affected workers the protections employees receive under federal and state law.

On September 15, 2014, the DOL announced that it awarded over ten million dollars to nineteen states to implement or improve worker misclassification detection and enforcement initiatives in unemployment insurance programs. According to the DOL, these funds will assist these states in identifying improperly classified employees and "under the table" workers.  read more

Sierra Vista Code Changes to be effective on September 1, 2015

The ordinance to adopt the 2015 International Building Codes passed on July 21st, 2015 The effective date will be September 1st, 2015. 

Any application submitted on or after this effective date will need to be designed to the 2015 codes.  Sierra Vista Acting Building Official, Larry Whitneyhas published a list of the major changes in the City of Sierra Vista Code Corner.  

SACA Welcomes New Member

Diversified Design & Construction, Inc. is a Tucson owned and operated general contracting firm. Diversified specializes in the design and construction of commercial buildings – performing both pre-construction and construction services for their clients.

With almost 3 decades of building experience, Diversified knows involving the builder at the beginning of the project results in the best design and construction process and significantly minimizes change orders. The results are the finest completed structure and by far the best value for the money for their clients.

To learn more about Diversified, please visit their website at:

Diversified is experienced in the following design and construction building methods:

  •       Design-Build
  •        Construction Manager at Risk
  •       Design-Bid-Build (Traditional)
  •       Construction Management

Diversified is the general contractor for the Cochise College expansion at the old hospital. 

Please join us in welcoming Diversified to the SACA community! 


House Speaker Gowan Listens to SACA's Concerns at July’s Membership Meeting

It was a great privilege to hear House Speaker David Gowan speak at the July 15 SACA General Membership Meeting. 

The Sierra Vista Herald attended and wrote an excellent article on the highlights of the meeting.  click here to view.    






August 19 - General Membership Meeting

September 8 - ADOSH Safety Training - Confined Spaces

November 6 - SACA Charity Golf Classic - Early Registration Specials

Attention SACA Members!
Please take advantage of this membership benefit.  If you have an announcement, please contact Barbara at 458-0488 or


Sierra Vista Chief of Police, Thomas Alinen to Speak at our August 19 Membership Meeting

Thomas M. Alinen, Chief of Police, is a 37-year veteran of the Sierra Vista Police Department. Alinen was appointed Chief of Police in 2013 after serving as Interim Chief of Police, following the retirement of his predecessor.  read more

We honor the Members of the SACA Community! 

Each member has invested their resources in supporting our local industry. 

Please honor them by giving them preference when choosing business partners.

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